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Jaw less

Poetry    is plot by atoms         diagrammed to clouds they'res rhythm in it's confidence it's light, can strike the soul it makes us suckle unknown clues meandered through the sky jaw less words - like nibbled pearls our feed.. to stay alive

My Unreality

A stage of unreality some dove wings, made of memory a filtering of fire.. through these petals made of tulle it's curtain - runs the length of me a splitting real.. from make-believe I breathe       between the surface of this dream


Furrowed Words, implanted once held deep      beyond a visioning their wispy vines grow swift into some centered lines of verse our summer hearts, impatient as the poets.. tug the strings their honed, concentric words       are curious things

Moonbeams in the Portals

Nightly choreography as ruts.. cut through the stars we wander thru these centuries of stolen garden dark we've shed our furrows, borne from heat that left it's crimp.. upon our skin we slow-ascend, immortal through moonbeams in the portals

Atoms, Dirt and Sky

The rain creates a scaffold in these mission waters, framing the skins of petals carved out of it's mist. We ache to taste a clarity that runs down stricken throats suffused with atoms, dirt and sky we build our words.. with this

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