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A poem, floats

Wordslide, from a hopeless cloud my mood, submerged a poem, floats... then fills my lungs, with dream #poetsofnyc #cloudyweather #haikuchallenge

Wrists, and heartbeats

Their kiss, was claimed in saffron pulse sensation red... and sanctified transparency within their wrists, and heartbeats. When Nomads.. mask as poets their harmony, shapes dream their fantasies propel the pulse of June. Contact.. in the grail      beneath a Gypsy blaze of moon

That's all, folks.

When your son finishes playing viola... for good. Shades of his final concert. 🎻😢😢😢😢😢

Sensitivity... to fix

Words... that cross on tributaries moonlight, in the mix my poet-rebel thoughts, with criminal appeal. I work, at trusting shadows to feel you... in my truth I've Never sought a                           parallel, to this. I've got my sensitivity... to fix


Timelike in her choices revised, of self-restraint her poem lacks of courage trust belief. Did you know she writes without intent to love? Her pen.. is inner breathing            held to flame. She lays aside her preference her dreams, now dual of bright to shade her grace, exists in grey

You know that touch?

You know that touch, so underhanded? Chemically reactive your sustenance..        to cure regret. As time points shoot from fingertips, here he.. and she carve motion, on their skin. They handreach, through abandonment their fate.. of undivide. He, and she                         indelibly aligned

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