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Can you hear, when you're near to that place of emotion? a sound that rolls down, from peak of the sky all whippy green mosses .. and tempo some tangerine ash, and a pulse I can feel you moving tactile in the grove I know, that your presence.. is close

Step Away

Tonight she struggles to be unseeable her will - to fade outside this world while locked, into this narrowed view while framed.. in background noise she'll shake her words     like starfall they'll free her from pain, then disperse when too much of one's self.. is an optic curse


My will.. is facing outward while festering interior words I'm filtered in this isolation sipping hues of blue persuasion inking poise and might.. upon my page blackwater magic raging down my banks I wish - my Chance to scream if only.. in a dream


In the dark of disappointment I find my soul at odds.. in borrowed time I seek to find my permanence in markers, made of blades I'm searching for a newly-minted language that makes amends for sins that I've atoned I write.. to find acceptance of my own

Quarantined Winds

I tilt my face into the eye of this bold and angry tempest I look for my moral tale in the storm the rain.. engineering my words My end is yet unknown, as yet flowing stagnant in the squall I'll write to the sound of my soul twisting round in this apex of a life.. I can't recall *as I write this.. we under a tornado warning in my area. Another twist to this unknown quarantine sentience. The gods of fate are not appeased.. by the people who put themselves before their humanity. I fear the greed and transcript of this president.. will write us into our early graves


Are you coming to terms with the memory, as seconds define and embed? In the way you adjust to the sourness of dust while moving ideas in your head? Are you standing behind this forgotten time as days filter over, unseen? Is our past still to come as we're stuck in this dream?

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