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Day 146 -  Four Months,  24 Days

Magnolia and moss. River and breeze. Dawns that scorch your shoulders, low country as deep as a memory. My journey through this Covid_19 pandemic - day 146.. has included selling our old house. Buying our new one. And readjusting to life in the gorgeous low country. The maze of details to get here is a film in my head. The lockdown 9 days after listing our home. No one allowed through. The contingent purchase of a different house. The loss of that house. Twice. The purchase of two other homes, including this one. The choice to accept this one. The adaptation of neighbor.. and neighborhood. The people seem wonderful here. We've met a few lovely people in a month and 2 days. Everyone is kind a

I Want to Go Back

Clouds of quarantine that pause their tears inside their speckled edges cut the tide.. like glass a breath of peace.. as spirits eye the night unrolling, silent we ache to reset timing to kiss transcendency to face our ghosts of how things used to be

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