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The sounds of poets.. are about get close enough, to hear the want their words disguise themselves as love in earshot.. of the ink The music of it soothes away the hours beating from dimensions long ago it's context, leaves me feeling less alone I'm becoming.. almost a poem

Soul Rift

I want to live between the palest stars where strips of noir and color.. intersect where willingness propels my heart beneath a wan layer of dust where fingerprints can take on force where wanderers, commit where those divided, fuse as one to lift me.. through the split


If words unearth belief then conceal, within in a pat of motion love gets wrought, inside our fingers friction, skin.. and treasuring there comes a chime of poetry it's verse, breaks over our sound we're lost.. within a winter and isn't it a long way found?


Poets paint in passageways that will you.. into fantasy or moments from a scandal, that could make it more declaring drawn from feigned experience or maybe, from a memory Yet somedays, there is silence as their words hide in refrain gingerly reluctant in an early morning rain

That Incredible Feeling Within

When you get the approval to have your self- published book placed on their shelves!! A feeling of pride, humbleness, and happiness. My latest book.. In Odd and Risky Minutes of a Dream will launch at The Doylestown Bookshop on March 1st! Support local business. Support small bookshops. Support local authors who are grateful for your support.

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