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Soar the Source

I ache to soar the source, inside this sunlight my wingtips beating through the leaf, and branch I'd cross that portal gone rogue - then storm through petal's might and never look back in this dawn ..of an unbloomed life

Sugar Moons.. and Fuse

When words lie down, in the day warmed beside an oaken sill your pulse is set to flight   the sun.. held up      with tinny, wishful tacks The honeyed night, sparks mad dreams as raven - casts his rune and odd and risky poets ache -     for sugar moons.. and fuse

Wise, and Amorous

When moon is wise, and amorous and words need slowed escape on paper scraps transparent in the wordyard when coded notes of memory find dark acceleration you feel the stars align all through the wake of time

The Hear.. Before a Bloom

Senses of the dusk at play when crafting up a fable a scent, before a word the hear.. before a bloom lost in words I cannot keep a teardrop - writ of silt and loam when lost within these petaled curves the Poem.. leads me home

Heaven's Stage

Some words push us deep, through a landscape to hungry trails that fork, at the hiss of a breeze near a sun, still warm.. from heaven's stage in a spotlight, from some ancient dream these open lines, a diary our freewill.. raw and plain hastenings beneath an acoustic rain

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