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"Johanna stares at the blades after waking, in a start. Streetlights throw veins of contour and trickery on her ceiling.

She knows there's 5 circling fan vanes above her head.. like reeds of grass swaying on a switch.

It's a cold night. She turns off their current.

The blades whisper, motionless. Lifeless.

But the fifth blade suddenly.. has evaporated.

Like how

when you claw

at bits of a vivid dream.

But you know it's there, just below your vision.

She wills an outline of the blade's edge.. can see the start of it's cut-off shadow.. 2-inches off the motor.

It's disappeared, like a frond that's been stepped on, flattened to the ground of the roof.

The cords dangle, willing one to pull down this night into roots. Plant her some sleep.

She snores when she's had too much wine. Open mouthed. Lips inhaling memories, teeth biting down on dreams. She wakes hot and cold, mouth parched. Sips cranberry juice from a bottle, red like the dawn.. which comes like a sentry, pushing through.. turning off the streetlight.

Yellowing the vanes..


There is the 5th blade, baking in the heat.

Renewing itself within morning's unwritten order.

Flip the switch. Start the gears.

Watch the rust float down from within her spine.

Covers the quilt in sparks of red.

Let the tarnish of day begin..."

*Another book excerpt.. from my upcoming novel.

I'm truly excited to try my hand at a fictionalized story! A very deep process of creating characters. Blending their lives. Feeling their stories. Loving their flaws and joys. I hope you get to know them through my words - Bev Flynn


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