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Breathing in Possibilities

Tomorrow will be two weeks since the November 3rd, 2020 presidential election.

In that time, I went from initial devastation, when it appeared trump was about to become our president for a second term.

But days turned over, and ballots turned bluer, and my chest grew tighter.

The electoral college became the contest to watch.

Ties. Too close to calls. The race being separated by 1,000 votes.

600 votes.

It's all up to one country.

One state.

Tension was high.

Democrats were the bulk of all mail in votes. They slowly, steadily.. but surely overtook the Republican red wave.

On Friday morning, while we had company staying with us, we got the news that Joe Biden was pronounced our President-Elect!

I was overjoyed!



Overthinking it all.

Overcome with positivity.

To hold your breath for 4 years, then exhale.. it hurts your lungs. Your heart.

Two weeks tomorrow, and trump has still not conceded. Nor let President-Elect Biden have presidential security briefings. Or allow the new president to accept the congratulatory messages from around the world.

Conspiracy theories fly, promoted by an unhinged dictator.

Anger from his base.

Flags of the most staunch trump supporters still fly. Most have come down, or were stolen.

"Democrats stole the election"

"Fake ballots"

"Only trump ballots were legitimate"

I pray every day that we can piece ourselves back together, as a neighborhood. County. State. Country. World.

The pandemic is out of control. There is zero acknowledgement from the trump administration.

The Phizer vaccine is close to being distributed, although most are fearful its been put through too soon. What will its side effects be?

In spite of the unknown, I'm sleeping deeper. Longer. No longer fearful of the administration in our People's House.

Here's to 2021 being a year of healing. Emotionally. Physically.



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