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After the Move.. Rebalancing

Learning and facing internal challenges after relocating during the Covid_19 pandemic. 

3 months in.. This move down south has been joyous, uplifting, isolating, irritating, eye opening, and full of self-indulgence.. and self-restraint. Moving from Pennsylvania, where social distancing was the norm, to the state of Georgia.. where the atmosphere of concern feels far more absent here, has been an large adjustment.

The beautiful landscapes, marshes, rivers, and parks are so fulfilling. The people are the friendliest. Kind and polite, and family oriented. My neighborhood is safe, quiet, and is full of strong, brave military families.. and we are honored to call them neighbors. 

It's been a quiet adjustment to not having friends or family close by. The high rate of virus and community spread has kept us still distant from reaching out to make new friends. We have not been to a single restaurant, or invited people into our beautiful new home. No community pool this year. One beach day on an isolated beach, for which I was so grateful.

Our country's polical climate.. is beyond toxic. trump signs have begun appearing throughout this neighborhood. An insult to the many military families living on this street. The insult of our commander and chief calling our soldiers suckers and losers, rings unending in my head. African Americans are being targeted more than ever before. Racism is rampant. Our incredible law enforcement throughout our country, is rightly being closely examined, to question all officers and their superiors who do not fit the emotional requirements to hold such position of law enforcement.. and need to be swiftly removed. There are riots in the street nightly, nation wide. People destroying their own neighborhoods. Opportunists and thieves, in the name of peaceful protest. 

While the president is holding unmasked rallies, against CDC recommendations, calling the pandemic a democratic hoax, he is toying with the country with rhetoric.. refusing to transfer over the power of the office in November.. should he lose

I've never prayed harder for such an outcome. 

It's a time of reflection, reassessment of life's course, waiting for a vaccine, and finding inner courage. 

The unknown future ahead is long-winded, long term plans are non-existent, states are quarantined from other states, there's no federal direction, vacations and travel have slowed, weddings canceled.. families are missing each other. 

Absorbing the healing energy nature offers, has been definitive. I'm staying thankful for health, security, and waking to the hopes for political change, world health change, and healing.. keeps me rising out of bed, to face these daily quiet hours, and ride the tide of my beliefs.

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