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Quarantined as a Species

The days flow through a filter of breaking news bites, phone alerts.. and solitude. 

We are in a pandemic.. the likes of what no one in history has seen before, undefined and risky.

Coronavirus. Covid_19. 

Social Distancing has become the norm in 7 days. 

In one week's time, I no longer can visit my two adult children, except for allowing a 6 foot distance of time and air. 

Our house went live on the market for sale.. exactly one week ago today.

This week's reality: we wipe down every handle, cabinet, counter and closet after each showing. There have been far fewer buyers than expected. Timing.. is everything. 

I pray for all whose jobs have disappeared overnight, for those financially destroyed by this disease, and praying hard for those physically fighting it. 

I took these pictures yesterday, from 3 different parks. Some were from the safety of my car.

Others were at a safe distance from the many like me who spent our first spring day in a 78° wind and sunshine. 

It felt like nothing changed. Just another day logging my steps. 

But everything is altered. Schools from daycare through college have ended. Non life-essential businesses are closed. Liquor stores. Salons. 

I wonder what pieces of this new solitary life will be kept by some of us, and what will never ever return to the way it was. 

Stay safe. Handwash. Stand in the sun. Feel the breeze. Look to the positive. 

We will get through this.

Help each other.. we are one in our humanity

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