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Gratefully Speaking

Some people write for fame. Or fans. Or acknowledgement. Or preservation. Or legacy. 

I write.. for release, and challenge. To write the words of ticker tape and sharpness, that scroll just behind my eyes.. and just beneath my heart.

I never had dreams of being a writer. Or a photographer. Or a poet. 

But somehow, I've found my way here.. expressing my feelings, through the beauty of nature, and metaphor. 

It has lead me on this amazing adventure of authorship, and there will never be a way to express my gratitude for those who've supported my work, and to the bookstores who now carry my books.

This weekend, I am honored to be carried at three amazing bookstores: 

The Book Garden, in Frenchtown,  NJ

The Newtown Bookshop, in Newtown, Pa

And Farley's Bookshop, in New Hope, Pa

A sincere and heartfelt thank you,  to anyone who has ever been touched by my words. Xxxx

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