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Winter stung

Dopings of wine.. and transcend

ence, on a railway of pain through the seasons. 

This rapid drop in temperature, creates a rapid drop in my being. Spasms in my breathing. 

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia early this year. Adding to this gift of arthritic bones.

When the summer hands off the baton.. my spirit sinks, along with my mobility. 

Hurts to write. Hurts to breathe. Hurts to be. Hurts to exist. Hurts to smile.  

But this.. is my final winter to be spent in this mid eastern state!

This spring, I'm southern bound.. on a golden adventure!

Moving to where the snow don't go.

A slower pace.

Spanish moss.. and grace.

So bring it.

The fiery snow, and cold.. with icicles ignited.

I'll count upon the flakes until the day I'm reunited.. with the heat

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