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oh, bailey how i dwell.. upon your ending leaning on your memories, unreleased i miss: your gentle eyes, that the angels gifted me the collar jingle click of nails, to floorboards a toy squeak your ever present, patient understanding and you always stealing my spot your uncanny sense of being grateful, for simplistic things our car rides and parkwalks i do believe in spirits and those signs, that they've continued on i pray.. for those connections i have so many questions was that flicker.. of imagine or was that your heated shadow? is this your warmth.. upon my bed? and did you sprint, across that heaven's line? are you now immune.. to time? for now i've dimmed my light on this chamber of the mind but you, my boy.. are one with me, inside 

It will be two weeks tomorrow that I had to put my beautiful boy to sleep. Today is the first day I felt I could write a small poem about him.

Time crawls, as the tears flow.. as we all adjust to this new quiet reality.

I'm so very grateful to have had this incredible dog share his life with us. I know he's running and cannonballing on the other side of life.

I just miss you buddy.. beyond being. 

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