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The first Mother's Day without your mother...

The first Mother's Day without your mother... surely must be the hardest.

It's been less than two months since my mother's peaceful passing.

I was blessed to have her with me to celebrate her life for all her 98 years.

No cards exchanged tomorrow, no gift of conversation... but I've a pure peace... knowing she is now energy and light, existing as love on the other side.

I feel you're still with us, mom. Our guardian angel. The signs are with us everywhere.

A complicated, conflicted day of emotion... this Mother's Day.

My recent breast cancer fight, now gives me the honorary title of "surviver."

I did not expect to ever be walking in the Race for the Cure tomorrow with my family, to fight and put an end this horrible disease.

So, tomorrow, Mom, we'll celebrate the day together, yet from afar.

With union, in our hearts.

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