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chemic language

Reckoning through this process... of change, and carcinoma.

To say I'm grateful... for the love and positivity given to me by my incredible family and friends, and the continued gift of optimistic news on this unexpected experience of breast cancer... would be a wicked understatement.

Through these endless hospital appointments, and the learning of a new chemic language... Onco scoring, Her2, Letrozole, recurrence, node negative, er/pr scores... it is a baptism into the radioactive fire.

I am grateful to have caught this early. Grateful to my medical team at University of Penn, and St. Mary Hospital... for keeping me balanced, steering me through this roller-coaster of emotion.

My surgery went incredibly well, 4 lymph nodes removed, all clean... and clean margins on my tumor. Keeping on the move, this disease will not beat me down. 

Back to hospital next week, to restage my radiation treatment, I'm hoping to start rads right after.

My tired, is showing, but keeping emotion in check. I'm passing on this holiday madness, staying

 laser-focused on the outcome... getting through this holiday season, with positivity, love... and grace.

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