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I listen, through a pulsing rain where life, glows soft... in melody. Catch me, as I roam then hymn me... a reckless poem

One strand left

One strand left a bittersweet connection once it's cut, she'll finally.. let go. The thread, of the cloak of the ghost.. that owns, her soul

troubadours, and waves

Poet hearts, beat differently they live on... many ways in troubadours, and waves. They dream, in liquid melody and sea Stunned... rapsody

red beneath my pulse

Scarlet, of a poem daybook verse, runs red beneath my pulse. I thumb, between the clouds in language, I rely upon hand of grace.. I carry on

Buried words

Dripping walls of ink, and frame here shadows... come, to write. Where slow-blade grass, and buried words hide castles... in the light


​Soft, unbroken poems the scent, of petals, tears... and soul. Her letters, sown from touch and understanding to heal her half... to whole


Poets, touch... in trilogy their light within, repeals all sin. This triad, of the Soul abandon, love... and prose

Roof of the sun

Words of myth, and golden mist I write to learn... where I belong. Gingerly, I heat my verse upon, the roof of the sun

Pale, the angles

Pale, the angles foam and fragile words.. he grants to her beyond, a finger's touch. Poetry... her silent paper love

Sentient vibration

Echoes, in the overlay she feels a whisper shattering... of soul. Sentient vibration, upon... an open road

Monologue, above the soil

Monologue, above the soil soliloquy... at sunrise. Echoes wound, in gold chiffon warming the bones... of dawn


​Hovering in rain, and reason thoughts... like lightning rage this night, like sparks my stormclouds, blur... to dark

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