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     Outreach Poetry

All proceeds created from this book are being donated to the incredible organization:

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to help some of the homeless community members feel your love, light... and support.

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Life is short.. be the poem 
   for all the Book-Loving, unconventional.. passionate people in your life.

In Odd and Risky Minutes of a Dream Thum
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Tales from my childhood, and all the moments in between, that have led me to this present stage in time..

 In Odd and Risky Minutes of A Dream

In Odd and Risky Minutes of a Dream

In Odd and Risky Minutes of a Dream Thum


Bev Flynn - Author

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Where it Began;  Here's where it's Going...

“People like us, we feel too deeply

consumed in shadow, this game of chance

together, surviving,

we unending dreamers


People… like us”


                           -Bev Flynn 


2024 is proving to be a positive, motivating year thus far. Restoring a 100 year old cottage is both challenging, and exhilarating!

Joining our local art gallery, meeting our incredible community members.. realizing we made the absolute right choice moving here!

I am thankful for continued health for my husband and myself, my amazing family... and so many zany, inspiring friends to count on, both old and new!

Continually grateful for everyone who is reading here.. find your purpose, embrace your flaws, and make a difference. Today, and every day.. leave your mark on this world.



 In Odd and Risky Minutes of a Dream.. holds stories from my childhood. Poems of depression, poverty, and always underlying adventure.

These words were written and experienced in a different world.. in a different time.

My words and photographs are fully copyrighted. If you wish to share my words or photos, please credit my work. I have done many collaborations with other artists around the world, please contact me if you are interested in a collaborated project.



I hope that the dreamer in you.. will discover connection in the beauty metaphor and nature can combine, and that my verse will inspire that muse in you… to explore your whimsy, too!

Inner Identity... of Poet

Bev Flynn - Author


Wordmotifs... and Waterlines


Wordmotifs... and Waterlines Front Cover





*When your lifelong friend -
gifts you earrings.. of your book!!
Thank you, Kate! Love you, girl!!

Pieces... of the Author

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Bev Flynn is an author, poet, and photographer, whose love for metaphor, alliteration, and imagery… led her to present this unique paperback conception... of poetry, layered upon photography.
Through an original blend of iconography, sensuality, and soul -

Wordmotifs... and Waterlines, was conceived.
Her extraordinary depiction of nature, and observance of all things ordinary, create impassioned poems… for the senses. A shy reveal… into the quiet life, of a reticent poet.


I am proud, and honored...

to have the opportunity to collaborate with these most wonderful, whimsical bookstores:

Currently available... in these fine Bookshops:
The Bookshop on the Hill - Richmond Hill, Ga
Farley's Bookshop - New Hope, Pa

Newtown Bookshop - Newtown, Pa
*Formerly at: The Book Garden - Frenchtown, NJ
 The Doylestown Bookshop- Doylestown, PA

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The Bookstore on the Hill, Richmond Hill, GA

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Newtown Bookshop... Newtown, PA

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*The Book Garden... Frenchtown, NJ

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Farley's Bookshop... New Hope, PA


Doylestown Bookshop.. Doylestown, PA


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