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From North to South...

In Odd and Risky Minutes of a Dream Thum

 Rediscover Words of Comfort and Inspiration

 In Odd and Risky Minutes of A Dream

In Odd and Risky Minutes of a Dream

In Odd and Risky Minutes of a Dream Thum



Inner Identity... of Poet

Bev Flynn - Author



Wordmotifs... and Waterlines

Wordmotifs... and Waterlines Front Cover










Bev Flynn - Author

Where It All Began

“People like us, we feel too deeply

consumed in shadow, this game of chance

together, surviving,

we unending dreamers


People… like us”


                                              -Bev Flynn



2020 thru 2021.

Continued prayers, strength and courage to all of our health care workers, law enforcement, our incredible military, food services workers, our farmers, and every essential worker continuing to show up on the front lines during this Covid_19 pandemic.

And to all those heroic souls who battled and lost to this virus.. may you now rest in love and peace, and carry on.. just across the other side.

Several events have happened to me between the published chapters of my last poetry book.. and today.


My beautiful, devoted Mother crossed over.

My beloved 12-year-old Labrador Bailey crossed over.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The world as we know it.. became small, due to the pandemic of 2020. Covid 19 has forever altered our world.


I am grateful for my continued health.. and am continually restored and consumed with the combined beauty of nature and verse.



Through it all.. I wrote from my poet’s point of view. I got lost in a wood.. and was transformed by words.

I was guided through it all     while staying.. mortal.

My emotions bent, but they didn’t break.

Many of the poems of In Odd and Risky Minutes of a Dream.. came to me, on the cusp of sleep. In the joy of humanity. 

These words were written and experienced in a different world.. in a different time.

Prior to the social isolation we are currently and will continue to experience.



I hope that the dreamer in you.. will discover connection in the beauty metaphor and nature can combine, and that my verse will inspire that muse in you… to explore your whimsy, too!

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Pieces... of the Author

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Bev Flynn is an author, poet, and photographer, whose love for metaphor, alliteration, and imagery… led her to present this unique paperback conception... of poetry, layered upon photography.
Through an original blend of iconography, sensuality, and soul -

Wordmotifs... and Waterlines, was conceived.
Her extraordinary depiction of nature, and observance of all things ordinary, create impassioned poems… for the senses. A shy reveal… into the quiet life, of a reticent poet.

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Bev Flynn 

 Poetry and photography

Through my Camera Lens... and the Kiss of a Pen

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