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Executive orders... signed by this president: week one.

1) ACA Rollback.

2) Global Gag Rule on Abortion

3) Border Security Enforcement *THE WALL [$15 BILLION]

4) Withholding funding for Sanctuary Cities

5) Initiating an investigation into voter fraud. [unsubstantiated, by both parties]

6) Banned refugees from 7 countries. Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

In addition, this president's irresponsible actions through Twitter wars, obsession... over crowd size.

His lack of morality.


Emotional stability.

Erratic, knee-jerk impulsive responses.

I'm proud to have attended several peaceful, positive protests... and shall be attending so many more.

"Hear our voice, we're here to stay. This will be your everyday."

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