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poet palm, of light

As love, seeks source she delves... in pause his words, outweigh they raise, and hold her tight. She drifts... into the poet palm, of light

poet storm

Tempest words, a poet storm a night, of time... and tin. His thunder, pulls her under she longs, to dance... within

Pretending... poetry

Imitating, masquerading poets, forge through life... and loss. Feigning rhythm, with the trees pretending... poetry

Tangled locks, of blue

Phantom sigh, of winterwhite she wears a poet gown, of snow. Windswept tresses tangled locks, of blue her spirit melts the reticence, of you

angled rhythm

Dreamer wakes, to canted words the poet, gently stirs... her sleep. His face… unknown his touch… envisioned, verse caress, in angled rhythm

Where poets haunt

Longing ache to whisper words… into his soul. To say it slow. She hides, where poets haunt his verse... unties her want

Human tilt

Human tilt, of consciousness implicitly they pulse.. as one. His rhythm, trembles skin her restless heartbeat... his

winter's patience

Tender prose, she offers him immortal invitation. He'll find her here she leans, and lingers in... a winter's patience

verse, and rime

Poet effervescence they pen, within a sphere of verse, and rime. Like ink that flows, to vein a surge, of wintertide


Make believe of foiled leaf where poets.. come to life. You'll find her here, escaping on a gilded cloud... of write


​She lives, with a necessity a word transference mirrored, in the now. He senses, her proximity gently... calling out

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